Friday, 17 June 2011

CupcakeFest 2011

    I've been a bad blogger this past month! Sorry all! I haven't posted in awhile due to life lol its been pretty busy in my neck of the woods and its just starting to settle down before it goes all crazy again! oh life! its gets in the way of somethings, but not from me attending CUPCAKE FEST 2011 in Rutherford, NJ. It's tomorrow Saturday, June 18th at Rutherford Park. Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is hosting Cupcake Fest to benefit the John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals in Bloomfield, NJ. The Festival is from 1-7pm at 176 Park Ave in Rutherford. There's going to be tons of vendors and prizes galore to be raffled off!!
     I can't wait to attend!! This will be my first time going to Cupcake Fest and I couldn't be more excited!!! If you want to learn more about Cupcake Fest 2011, check out the official website! Its going to be loads of fun!!! Here's a picture courtesy of Sweet Avenue Bake Shop's website;

Do you plan on going to Cupcake Fest? Have you ever attended in the past? How did/do you like it? let me know!!



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