Saturday, 30 April 2011


I've been thinking long and hard about what i want the prizes to be in this giveaway. i've finally figured out what i want them to be. I know i wanted them to baking related as that is the subject of my blog lol. So here's what i've come up with:
  • a copy of one of my favorite recipes
  • the cutest cupcake liners, ever!
  • a mini-cookie cutter, so you can make the shape baked inside a cupcake-cupcakes 
Each winner with receive all three items and the winners will be chosen at random, but this giveaway will only work if STC gets 50 followers by this coming wednesday!! SO SPREAD THE WORD AND FOLLOW FOR A CHANCE TO WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!!! : D

hope you all think these prizes are worth following STC blog! Thanks to everyone who has done so already! : D

Friday, 29 April 2011

In Honor of The Royal Wedding...

some gorgeousssssss royal wedding themed cupcakes in honor of today!

*i do not own the rights to these photos. they are not created by me. i just thought they were lovely and wanted to share.*

i soo desperately wanted to make Royal Wedding cupcakes as today's event is one that i've been counting down the days until! I'm so happy for Will and Kate and wish them all the love and happiness possibly! Such a truly lovely couple. And might i add that they each looked perfect today! 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011



    so here's how this lovely little giveaway will work:
            as most of you know my blog is still pretty new and thus does not have practically any followers : (   so in order for this giveaway to even begin, STC NEEDS FOLLOWERS!!!! MY GOAL IS 50 FOLLOWERS BY THE END OF THE WEEK, WEDNESDAY MAY 4, 2011. if you all can help me reach that goal by telling your friends on facebook, twitter and tumblr, I'd love you all forever!! anddddd, 10 followers will be choosen at random and will be awarded with prizes that are TBA. i have an idea of what i want the 5 prizes to be but i need to think up some more and make my finally decisions.
        I can say that all the prizes will be cupcake/baking related! i hope you all like my blog enough to follow it and have a chance to enter the giveaway!!!!!! : D

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Surprise Inside...

     Here are a couple of photos of the INSIDE of the vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream i posted yesterday. The shape on the inside of the cupcakes was meant to be a bright pink tulip, but most ended up looking like bright pink squares. However, everyone still managed to get a kick out of them and thought they were soo clever.

      The shape on the inside is almost identifiable, but i've notice that heart shapes work the best from the other cupcakes i've seen like this.
      So if you ever want to impress your family/friends, or you're just feeling creative, these cupcakes won't let you down! I promise!!

if any one would like the recipe for my vanilla cake batter or buttercream frosting, i'd be more than happy to make a post about them. 
And also, i'll post a recipe/directions for the shape-inside-the-cupcake, cupcakes. 

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream.

well i haven't gotten around to taking photos or the easter candies, and considering that today's easter and most of the goodies have already ben eaten, i probably wont be able to get photos of them : (
    HOWEVER, i baked vanilla cupcakes from scratch, and this was the first time i ever baked cupcakes from scratch! i've been dying to bake from own recipes for as long as i can remember and yesterday was the perfect opportunity for just that. i only had on box of cake mix and my mom wanted to use it for strawberry shortcake, so i took advantage of the opportunity to make cupcakes from scratch because i had this recipe in mind that i found on an amazing blog!!). you basically bake a thin mini cake and cut tiny shapes out with mini cookie cutters and then place the baked shapes into the cupcake batter and bake it all together so when you take them out and are ready to eat them, you cut it in half and see the shape that you placed inside the cupcakes! i thought it was the most ingenious thing i'd ever seen and had to try it asap! so yesterday i did. The consistency of the batter was perfection! seriously is was smooth and just perfect. i was soo proud of myself! i dyed on third of the batter bright pink and cut little tulip shaped flowers out of it, that was what was going inside the vanilla cupcakes. they came out better than i expected, especially because its was my first time using this recipe and also my own batter. 
     To accommodate both the adults and children that would be around the house today, i split the batch of cupcakes up and did half in a fresh vanilla buttercream dyed pink and green and then swirled together using a pastry bag. For the adults, i did a strawberry vanilla buttercream with fresh strawberries mixed into the frosting. it was the most delicious buttercream i've ever tasted. yummmmm!!
     so of course, here's some photos of the cupcakes i made yesterday for today below: 

Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter chocolates, yum!

      So im sure your all aware that Easter is just about here. so as my family and i do every Easter, we made all the chocolates for the Easter baskets today, including the big chocolate bunnies! its surprising how fast i can make a bunny now compared to when i first started making them. Sure buying them pre-made is much more convenient and saves A LOT of time, but its the personalization and the fact that all the chocolates are hand made in my family's kitchen that makes the whole process special and worth while.
     Actually making the bunnies is a time consuming process and takes A LOT of patience, which is the hardest part about the whole thing. My favorite part is decorating them and giving each bunny its own unique personality. Using different colored candy eye, bows, flowers and jimmies(or sprinkles as some may call them). Im always in charge of decorating all the candies, from the bunnies to the lollipops. and i love it!
     Today was such a hectic day between making all the chocolates, getting the Easter baskets prepared and then food shopping, im so exhausted! So instead of taking pictures of the bunnies and candies tonight, im going to post them all  tomorrow! have a great weekend everyone! xxoo

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

cupcakes for mom and dad

so while i was decorating some electric blue cupcakes the other day, i decided to dedicate two of them to my parents, for no particular reason really, just because. my dad loves to fish and hunt, and the electric blue frosting reminded me of the ocean and deep sea fishing is my dad's favorite thing to do so i decided to write dad in lime green frosting with a little green fish on the opposite side. for my mom's cupcake, i decided to make it simple and pretty with mom written in bright pink frosting with a matching colored heart on the opposite side. here's the cupcakes all finished...

experimental cupcakes

i always wanted to attempt the swirled frosting technique, where you fill a piping bag with two or more different colors of frosting and they become swirled together when you squeeze the frosting out. so today i did, and it was a pretty success attempt if i do say so myself.

personally, i think using a large star decorating tip gives the best results with the swirled frosting. i used two different decorating tips, a large open star and a medium round decorating tip. i was pleased with the results from both decorating tips but i favor the large open star tip more because the complete look of the cupcake is outstanding. so i posted some photos below of the two different techniques.

our frosting was melting pretty fast on us due to the temperature of the kitchen. i would have been more satisfied with these cupcakes if the frosting was sliding off the sides lol but oh well they turned out pretty good. but of course there's always room to improve and i can't wait to try this technique again, with a cooler kitchen lol. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

some of my earliest work..

soo these are a variety of milk chocolate cupcakes decorated with homemade vanilla buttercream frosting and an array of different designs. my youngest siblings assisted me in the decorating of these cupcakes. they may not be the neatest cupcakes, but they're definitely colorful! im fairly satisfied with the results.

hello world!

hello all and thank you for stumbling upon my blog and taking the time to read it.  i know there's MANY cupcake blogs on here and the majority are pretty awesome, but this one is my very own where i can share with all of you my love for all things baked!

my biggest dream in life, other than becoming a bad ass rock star lol, is to open my very own bakery, where i can create beautifully delicious cupcakes that all my friends, family and neighbors can come and enjoy. i've always loved baking every since i was little girl. i don't really know where my love for it all came from. i don't have one of those cliche stories about grandma in the kitchen, but don't get me wrong, my gram can cook and cook well she does. we just never had the whole lets bake cookies and things together thing lol. but never the less, i love to bake! i would do it everyday if my family wasn't so health conscious lol. so im going to post as many pictures of the cupcakes i bake so all of you can view them and please give me any and all of your feed back.
thanks guys!