Sunday, 24 April 2011

Vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream.

well i haven't gotten around to taking photos or the easter candies, and considering that today's easter and most of the goodies have already ben eaten, i probably wont be able to get photos of them : (
    HOWEVER, i baked vanilla cupcakes from scratch, and this was the first time i ever baked cupcakes from scratch! i've been dying to bake from own recipes for as long as i can remember and yesterday was the perfect opportunity for just that. i only had on box of cake mix and my mom wanted to use it for strawberry shortcake, so i took advantage of the opportunity to make cupcakes from scratch because i had this recipe in mind that i found on an amazing blog!!). you basically bake a thin mini cake and cut tiny shapes out with mini cookie cutters and then place the baked shapes into the cupcake batter and bake it all together so when you take them out and are ready to eat them, you cut it in half and see the shape that you placed inside the cupcakes! i thought it was the most ingenious thing i'd ever seen and had to try it asap! so yesterday i did. The consistency of the batter was perfection! seriously is was smooth and just perfect. i was soo proud of myself! i dyed on third of the batter bright pink and cut little tulip shaped flowers out of it, that was what was going inside the vanilla cupcakes. they came out better than i expected, especially because its was my first time using this recipe and also my own batter. 
     To accommodate both the adults and children that would be around the house today, i split the batch of cupcakes up and did half in a fresh vanilla buttercream dyed pink and green and then swirled together using a pastry bag. For the adults, i did a strawberry vanilla buttercream with fresh strawberries mixed into the frosting. it was the most delicious buttercream i've ever tasted. yummmmm!!
     so of course, here's some photos of the cupcakes i made yesterday for today below: 

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