Saturday, 30 April 2011


I've been thinking long and hard about what i want the prizes to be in this giveaway. i've finally figured out what i want them to be. I know i wanted them to baking related as that is the subject of my blog lol. So here's what i've come up with:
  • a copy of one of my favorite recipes
  • the cutest cupcake liners, ever!
  • a mini-cookie cutter, so you can make the shape baked inside a cupcake-cupcakes 
Each winner with receive all three items and the winners will be chosen at random, but this giveaway will only work if STC gets 50 followers by this coming wednesday!! SO SPREAD THE WORD AND FOLLOW FOR A CHANCE TO WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!!! : D

hope you all think these prizes are worth following STC blog! Thanks to everyone who has done so already! : D

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