Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter chocolates, yum!

      So im sure your all aware that Easter is just about here. so as my family and i do every Easter, we made all the chocolates for the Easter baskets today, including the big chocolate bunnies! its surprising how fast i can make a bunny now compared to when i first started making them. Sure buying them pre-made is much more convenient and saves A LOT of time, but its the personalization and the fact that all the chocolates are hand made in my family's kitchen that makes the whole process special and worth while.
     Actually making the bunnies is a time consuming process and takes A LOT of patience, which is the hardest part about the whole thing. My favorite part is decorating them and giving each bunny its own unique personality. Using different colored candy eye, bows, flowers and jimmies(or sprinkles as some may call them). Im always in charge of decorating all the candies, from the bunnies to the lollipops. and i love it!
     Today was such a hectic day between making all the chocolates, getting the Easter baskets prepared and then food shopping, im so exhausted! So instead of taking pictures of the bunnies and candies tonight, im going to post them all  tomorrow! have a great weekend everyone! xxoo

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