Wednesday, 20 April 2011

experimental cupcakes

i always wanted to attempt the swirled frosting technique, where you fill a piping bag with two or more different colors of frosting and they become swirled together when you squeeze the frosting out. so today i did, and it was a pretty success attempt if i do say so myself.

personally, i think using a large star decorating tip gives the best results with the swirled frosting. i used two different decorating tips, a large open star and a medium round decorating tip. i was pleased with the results from both decorating tips but i favor the large open star tip more because the complete look of the cupcake is outstanding. so i posted some photos below of the two different techniques.

our frosting was melting pretty fast on us due to the temperature of the kitchen. i would have been more satisfied with these cupcakes if the frosting was sliding off the sides lol but oh well they turned out pretty good. but of course there's always room to improve and i can't wait to try this technique again, with a cooler kitchen lol. 

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