Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sugar + Sunshine Bakery in Plainsboro, NJ

     As I was searching through the Internet for some unique looking bakeries in my corner of the world, I came across one in particular that caught my eye instantly! Sugar + Sunshine Bakery serves homemade, made from scratch baked goods that look delicious! They're located in Plainsboro, NJ and I unfortunately have not be able to visit there establishment yet however, their website makes me wish I had! Everything is made daily and from scratch! How could you not want one of their amazing treats!? And they not only make cakes and cupcakes, but they also make  homemade brownies, pies and cookies! Plus they serve freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate and single origin teas! YUMMY!!
Make sure to visit their website if you don't live in the area:
     I'm hoping to make a trip to their bakery in the very, very near future!

If anyone has ever been to Sugar + Sunshine, let me know! Or if anyone knows of any other amazing bakeries in the Northern New Jersey area, PLEASE let me know about them! 

thanks everyone! : D

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