Tuesday, 10 May 2011


     Today's Baking Must-Have is a Tiered Cupcake Stand!! They're the perfect kitchen accessory to display your cupcakes in the most perfect way! With soo many different styles to choose from, you'll absolutely be able to find the one that's perfect for you! I fell in love with this one during yet again, one of my weekly target trips lol I can't help it, i just love that store! This 3 tiered cupcake stand is on sale for only $18.99!! That's a bargain compared to the other prices you'll find else where! PLUS,  this one actually holds 24 cupcakes!!! All the other ones I've seen, hold such random numbers like, 18, 23 or 38!? Like who makes cupcakes in such odd amounts!? That's why I feel this Betty Crocker cupcake stand from Target.com is absolutely perfect to display any cucpakes!!!! 

And the fact that this stand is clear, makes it easy to use with an color-scheme or theme!! Plus, that price!!! How could you not purchase this beauty!?

Have a cupcake stand that you use? How does it work for you? Let STC know by commenting or emailing at smalltowncupcake@yahoo.com!

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