Friday, 13 May 2011


    Well the whole blogger meltdown that occurred this week actually worked in my favor, as I was visiting great friends at college and blogging was the last thing on my mind (no offense readers!) its just I haven't visited in months and it being the last week of the semester, it was now or wait till fall and I was not ready to wait that long to see my closest friends. 
     So I'm a little behind on my posts and I'm going to make a giant post for Cupcake of the Day containing all the cupcakes from Tuesday-Friday. 

So here they are...

Tuesday 10 May:
 Tuesday's Cupcake of the Day is from Sweet Avenue Bake Shop. Their Strawberry Fields cupcake is like none other I've ever seen before! It's vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, filled with strawberry preserves! YUM!!

Wednesday, 11 May:
     Wednesday's Cupcake of the Day is from Georgetown Cupcake. Their Lemon Berry cupcake not only sounds so refreshingly delicious, but it looks soooo darn good too! It's a light lemon and raspberry cupcake with raspberry frosting, topped with a candied lemon! So Delicious!! 

Thursday, 12 May:
     Thursday's Cupcake of the Day is from The Petite Cafe. Their Elvis cupcake caught my eye, first because of the name. I was born on Elvis' birthday(January 8th) and second because of the flavor! It's a peanut butter cupcake, stuffed with banana mousse, topped with chocolate icing, crushed nuts and a banana chip! Elvis would be so proud of this cucpake! 

Friday, 13 May:
     Friday's Cupcake of the Day is from Sprinkles. (Who just opened a new store in Manhattan!) Their Salty Caramel cupcake is great way to get the taste of the holiday seasons without all the extra baggage and stress that comes along with those times of the year. Here's a detailed description of this delicious wonder from Sprinkles website.

"Sprinkles Salty Caramel cupcakes are an irresistible salty-sweet flavor combination using fleur de sel crystals hand harvested from the pristine seas off Brittany, France. These fleur de sel granules are a delightful complement to the sweet, buttery caramel which flavors both the cake and frosting. Taste the rich, delicious complexity of Sprinkles take on this classic French duo. Available May 13-29 only!"

     I hope you all enjoy the CupcakeS of the Day Week! 
Also, I hope you all have time to check out these amazing bakeries and grab yourselves one of these delicious cupcakes!!

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