Tuesday, 3 May 2011


     I've come to the conclusion that today's BAKING MUST-HAVE of the DAY is... a PASTRY BAG!!! i honestly believe that without this ingenious tool your cupcakes are also going to be just slightly less than AMAZING!!! and no body every wants that! 
     Think about it, without the use of a pastry bag, your cupcakes are going to look just average and kinda boring. However, with the infinite number of different decorating tips out there, your cupcakes can be transformed into edible art!! and who wouldn't want to eat that? Plus, the pastry bag can make frosting a cupcake go from messy and time consuming to quick and clean!
     There are many different styles of pastry bags out there from disposable to reusable and all that's in between. I'm partial to disposable ones, even though I do reuse them. I feel the disposable material of the pastry bags allows better control while decorating cupcakes and other desserts. Plus, even though they're meant to be disposable, they wash super fast and are ready to be used again. 

     Such a nifty little tool that I couldn't possibly live without! Definitely the BAKING MUST-HAVE of the DAY!!

Which do you prefer? Disposable? Reusable? Homemade, perhaps? What's your BAKING MUST-HAVE of the DAY

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  1. I love the disposable ones too, but I do have a reusable one and it's pretty great!