Thursday, 5 May 2011


     Good morning all! Today is Cinco De Mayo!!!!! what a fun "holiday" to celebrate! i love it only because you get to drink LOTS OF BEER!!! lol So todays baking must have is CUPCAKE LINERS!! 
     There's an infinite amount of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from!!! For literally every occasion!! Plus, they help add that little extra something to the design of you cupcake, and help to bring the whole thing together!!!! I'm guilty of going shopping for cupcake wrappers only! That's how much i love them!! And i'll usually come home with three or four different packs!! I can't get enough of them!!
     I found these festive cupcakes liners from HeyYoYo's Etsy (click through to her Etsy) in honor of today. She has tons and tons of amazing decorations for cupcakes and more, like liners, wrappers, toppers and anything else you might need to make your cupcakes awesome!! 
 I like her cupcake liners because they don't scream cheesy Cinco De Mayo decoration, they have a more modern feel to them with the stripe pattern. I adore these liners in honor of today and feel that they'll definitely keep your fiesta going till dessert!! 

Mexican theme cupcake liners 

Are you making any Cinco De mayo cupcakes? share your recipe, and photos if you have any, by commenting or emailing

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  1. Do you have any of the Mexican theme cupcake liners left you might want to sale? I cannot find them anywhere. Thank you! Mary